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Within one hour (between 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday) of receiving a reservation request via this form, InterCall Event Reservations will contact the scheduler to confirm details and complete the reservation.

Please contact InterCall Conferencing Event Reservations via phone at 1.866.436.3797 (press option 1) if you need to schedule a conference to be conducted less 48 hours from now or if you would like to update or cancel a previously scheduled event conference.

Please have your conference ID available when referencing your previously scheduled event conference.
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If you require more than 3 Speakers/Moderators on your Event, please add their information in the Additional Comment section at the bottom of this form.
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Please note that rehearsals are scheduled for 15, 30 or 45 minutes past the top of the hour
Event Audio:
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Managed Question and Answer Session(s): A service that allows conference participants to participate in the question and answer        session, via phone, following the instructions by the ready by the conference operator.
Security/Restricted List (client provided): A list of conference attendees provided in advance by the client conference scheduler to the        conference operators to verify each caller’s name and/or other identifying information before allowing access to the conference.
Communication Line: A private conference line between the customer and InterCall Operator which allows information regarding the        conference to be communicated via the phone without interrupting the main audio conference.
Audio View: An intuitive and easy to use online interface that allows moderators and speakers to view their audio participant's information        and connections status. It also allows moderators to view and manage the Q&A queue.
Event Audio Registration: Available for Audio Only Events: Allows your participants to register in advance for the conference via the internet        and receive a unique user pin to obtain access to the Event without waiting in queue for an operator.
Event Audio Enhanced Services:
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Participant List: A list of those who attended conference call, including name, company, and telephone number, which is e-mailed to the         hosting organization after the conference call.
        Please be advised that when requesting multiple pieces of information for a Participant List, participants may experience a delay         entering your conference in a timely fashion.
        Check what information you would like us to gather from participants
       First Name Last Name   Company Other
       The participant list should be emailed to:
Audio Recording: Recording formats available: CDA,Wav, MP3, Real Audio and Windows Media Delivery methods are: FTP, overnight         service or post mail for CDs. If FTP is requested, we will send a web link that will allow you to download your recording directly to your         computer.
         What format would you like the recorded to (check one)
       WAV MP3 CD Audio Real Media Windows Media
         Which delivery method would you like us to use (check one)
       Shipped overnight on CD    Sent via FTP 2nd Day Mail
Remote Replay: A recording of your conference is set up to be replayed via a dedicated dial in number over the phone
         Start Date:
         End Date:
Remote Replay Participant List: Participants who access a Remote Replay via the phone can be prompted to speak their name at the tone         before listening to the replay. These names are transcribed into a participant list that is sent once the remote replay has expired.
        Check what information you would like us to gather from participants
       First Name Last Name Company No, of Participants
        The participant list should be emailed to:    
Transcription: Text of an audio conference typed into a word document.
        The participant list should be emailed to:    
Event Web Services:
Please note that you will receive a separate email confirmation containing your web links for your upcoming web event. This email will be sent to you within 24 hours. If you are scheduling an event to be conducted less 48 hours from now please call our Event Reservations team directly via phone at the number posted at the top of this page.
Which of the two web options would you like to add to your conference?
Online Presentation: A customer managed online presentation of PowerPoint Slides. Participants listen via phone
Online Presentation with Audio Streaming: A customer managed online presentation of PowerPoint slides that are synchronized with a live        audio stream of the audio conference. Participants have the option to listen using their phone or via streaming using their computer        speakers
Do you want the web archived with the audio for later playback?
Live Only, No Archive Required
Live and Archived
Do you want participants to be able to submit questions via the web interface during your presentation?
Yes, Web Q&A
No, Web Q&A
Yes, Download slides
No, Download slides
Archived events are hosted by InterCall for 6 months. Additional hosting time is available in 1 month blocks. If additional hosting time is required, please note the additional duration in the Comments section.
Additional hosting time is not required
3 months (total hosting duration 6 months)
6 months (total hosting duration 9 months)
9 months (total hosting duration 12 months)
Event Web Additional Options:
Check requested services
Custom ParticipantTemplate Fully branded template that reflects your corporate image. This module is required for a first event and can        then be used free of charge for future events provided no significant modifications are made. Please allow three business days for new        template customization to be completed
       Please check here if your have already have a custom template on file with us to be used on this event.
Custom Registration A registration page with your choice of fields and an optional confirmation and reminder email sent to each registrant.        A web project manager will contact you directly via phone within 24 hours to complete the set up of this option.
       Check here if you require custom fields to be added to your registration page.
       Check here if you want registered participants to receive a confirmation email.
       Check here if you want registered participants to receive a reminder email.
CD-ROM of Web Archive: A portable version of your archived event (both audio and web) Please select how you would like the file delivered:
       Shipped Overnight on CD
       Sent via link to FTP site
Survey: Online survey allows you to gather feedback from your participants. A web project manager will contact you directly via phone within        24 hours to complete the set up of this option.
Pass code Access: A pass code field can be added to an event. Participants are asked to type in a pass code in order to gain access to the        live event. The pass code is per event, not per participant.
       The pass code for this event is      
       If you have any additional requirements for the web portion of your event please add them in the box below. A Project Manager will        contact you directly to finalize your requirements.
Additional Comments:
Additional Comments
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